limited Edition Crescent Moon Bath Bomb

Invoke total relaxation with this hand painted crescent moon bath bomb, featuring our popular black moon aromatherapy blend with an inky black pigment.
Featuring detoxifying activated charcoal to draw out impurities, ideal for new moon bath rituals or any time!

A simple moon ritual bath:

Light candles, smudge, call in your energy allies if you like to set the mood.

Set your intention of what you want to release and welcome into your cleansing ritual bath.

If you feel comfortable, charge the water with the healing sound of your voice, exercising this chakra with intention sets the tone and helps you vibrate more highly. Try starting with a a song you like, a mantra or tones that help you feel connected with yourself, the Earth, your Deity, etc.

Finish drawing the bath, and step into it.

Visualize the thing(s) you would like to release/remove or draw into your life.

Drop your bath bomb into the tub, imagine the obstacles to your desired outcome fizzing away as the bomb does. Breathe in the aromatherapeutic uplifting/grounding blend.

Allow all levels of your physical and energy bodies to drink in the healing goodness for 20-30 minutes.

Let your bath drain. Stay in the tub if you can, as the water drains it pulls any leftover doubts or negativity out and down the drain.

Emerge renewed!

These bombs are coloured with a safe dye that won't stain your tub. It may cling to any oil or soap residue, though, but will come off with a quick wipe.


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