Forager Perfume Limited Edition

The thrill of the hunt encapsulated in a bottle.
Bright violets spring from mossy earth aside wild mushrooms under a canopy of old growth evergreens. A fresh, earthy scent for the wild foragers and forest lovers alike.

Made by hand in small batches using hand made absolutes, pure essential oils and natural isolates. This perfume has been tended to for over 2 years, maturing and developing into a complex, layered scent tapestry- showcasing delicate violet petals, candy cap mushroom- a unique and wildly sought after member of the lactarius family with a distinct maple-earthy aroma, as well as wild harvested lodgepole pine resin from the boreal forest.

Natural perfume will harmonize with your body chemistry, becoming uniquely your own and is ideal for all. Sediment may occur at the bottom of the bottle, simply shake gently. Essential oils are natural but strong and may cause irritation on sensitive skin. Patch test first or spritz the air in front of you and step into the mist.

Lovingly hand crafted 50 ml spritz bottle containing alcohol based perfume made in the traditional method.
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