Cotton Pouch and Botanical bath set

Set of two re-usable cotton pouches for floral baths, bath teas and more.
Simply pour your floral bath into a pouch, tie it up and enjoy the benefits of the mineral bath without the clean up. Comes with a sample of our soon to be released lavender and rosewood botanical bath.

These cotton pouches can be used again and again, simply compost any leftover botanicals after using and wash by hand.

Create your own custom baths by filling a pouch with whatever you have on hand.

For example, fill the pouch with a couple tablespoons of:

- Oats for a soothing bath for dry, itchy skin.

- Baking Soda and a couple sprigs of fresh mint for an invigorating bath.

- Fresh flowers or herbs from your garden.

- Write your intention on a piece of paper and place it in the bag with corresponding botanicals for a pre-ritual bath.

- Sea salt and a couple drops of your favourite essential oils.

Includes a set of two bags, apx 5" x 3" each, with a sample bag of botanical mineral bath.


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