Potion Toning Mist

This all natural toner can help to reverse signs of damage by providing alpha hydroxy acids, silk and cucumber in a soothing neroli flower base to clarify and nourish the skin.
Use after cleansing to remove any traces of makeup and dirt and to promote a clear, replenished complexion. Works like a charm on all skin types.
After cleansing and before applying moisturizer, shake well and mist face and neck. Use any time as a pick-me-up and to instantly refresh and boost the skin. Works great after exposure to the elements, on sun burns, to refesh and soothe the skin.
Fan favourite!

Key Elements:

Neroli Flower Water: Stimulates skin cell growth and improves skin's elasticity, very effective in preventing and treating scars.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA`s): Can help to clear blemishes, hydrate the skin and lighten pigment spots by loosening dead cells clinging to the skin`s surface. This makes it ideal even for sensitive skin or even conditions like rosacea.

Cucumber Extract: Anti-inflammatory, nutrient rich, the photochemical in cucumbers makes the collagen in your skin tighten, helping to relieve puffiness.