Summer FIRE Natural Perfume

Elemental perfumes are a collection of botanical, gem infused alcohol based perfumes, made in the traditional method. There is a release for each season, embodying the characteristics of each in scent, feel and vibration.

Summer / South / Intention / Suit of Wands / Creativity / Midday / Aries / Leo / Saggiatrius / Ancient Incense / Sun Warmed Herbs / Ripe Fruit / Citrine

100% natural perfume, made according to traditional methods of extraction, blending and curing.
Pure essential oils and wild crafted, hand made absolutes are heightened by the energetic presence of the gemstone citrine, having been lovingly infused into the blend during the curing process.

Citrine is a stone of manifestation, clearing the mind and encouraging creativity and action. It has a joyful vibration and attracts abundance, especially when combined with affirmations. Citrine brings fresh energy to the three lower chakras as well as the third eye chakra to help open up your ability to imagine and manifest your dreams and desires.

Summer is the second in this line; Each limited edition will be released at the onset of it's season.
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15 ml glass roller bottle.

F I R E // S U M M E R


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