Limited Edition Harvest Moon Natural Soy Candle

The Harvest Moon is a time to seek balance in our lives, of settling into a slower rhythm after the the summertime adventuring has wound down.
Traditionally, it is a time to harvest the last of our crops under the golden light of the receeding sun. We seek comfort and warmth as we gather with loved ones and give thanks for the abundance in our lives.

An enchanting, complex aroma that invokes the feel of fall, made with natural scents, not synthetic fragrances. This autumnal blend mimics apple, spices, falling leaves, woodsmoke and vanilla.
All natural, eco soy wax is clean burning: no black smoke, toxins, or residue. Soy wax washes away so you may wash the jar in hot water and re-use when the candle is done.

For best results, allow your candle to make a wax pool to the edge of jar upon first burn and trim wick before using.

Burn time 50-60 hours.
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