Limited Edition Black Heart Bath Bomb

This super limited edition bath bomb is Valentine's inspired, or anti-Valentine's more accurately...
A dark heart featuring activated charcoal to purge what holds you down; Be it lost love, self criticism or clogged pores with a blend of heart lifting lemon, vanilla and a teensy touch of rose and cardamom to ignite the spark of love while keeping it real/grounded.
A juicy smoky quartz point is hidden inside, to slip into your pocket later, to continue detoxing your vibes and clearing the way for real love baby.
If I did a very limited batch of these for this month, would you be interested in one?

Disclaimer: This bath bomb contains activated charcoal which may leave a bit of a mess; But you should probably clean your tub anyway, so there you go. xo

100% natural, scented only with pure essential oils.
note: This second batch is a slightly different heart shape than the first, still the same size, though!
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