Limited Edition White Witch Body Butter

Inspired by the White Witch of the Narnia Chronicles, this rich body butter is blended with cocoa and olive butters, botanically infused olive oil and arnica oil to take the bite out of the winter’s ravaging effects to the skin. Whipped with a touch of shimmering mica, this devious butter appears solid but melts like Narnia snow into your skin and leaves it supple and glowing.

A stimulating blend of pure spearmint, vanilla, ginger and a hint of turkish delight deliciously help to detoxify and renew, stimulating circulation.
Ideal after a long day in the snow, over-exertion or after a nice, long bath. (Perhaps with a limited edition White Witch Bath Bomb!)

Apply a small amount all over the body as needed. Keep away from heat sources.
Store in the fridge to harden if desired.

100% natural ingredients:

Cocoa and olive butters, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, botanically infused olive oil, arnica oil, essential oils, vitamin E, mica, love.
4 oz recyclable tin
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