Limited edition Lucky Charm Bath Bomb

Drop this cheery bomb into your tub and invite luck and abundance into your life!
A refreshing blend of lavender, poplar bud, grass, vetiver and violet lift your spirits as the cauldron floats and bobs about, crackling and fizzing as it goes; Transforming the water into a into a vibrant green potion with rays of shimmering gold sparkles.

Embedded inside each cauldron is a citrine point- the stone of abundance and joy. Keep it in your wallet, adorn your altar or pass it along to open the flow of abundance! Also, hidden inside is a paper fortune- You could dry it out and burn it to invoke luck, use it as a daily mantra to tune into abundance or just compost it. Either way, it comes with wishes of luck for you!
One in 10 cauldrons has a $20 coupon code to use on our website!
Good Luck!

100% Natural
Key Ingredients:
Baking Soda, Citric acid,essential oils, non toxic colour, colloidal oats, poplar bud oil, goats milk powder, pop rocks. bio glitter, witch hazel.