Limited Edition Autumnus Shimmering Oil

A beautiful, shimmering body oil with the natural aroma of lavender flowers, ripe peaches, vanilla and earth in a base of grapeseed and lovingly harvested St.John's wort oil; Gathered at last year's summer solstice. Infused for a year, the oil transforms to a beautiful red colour and imbues the oil with deeply nourishing and reputed healing qualities.
Autumnus is the Goddess of the harvest, abundance, thankfulness, wisdom, transition and the personification of the autumn season. As the daylight hours begin to wane, the last of the summer's light nourishes all living things as we prepare for the turning of the seasons.
This oil was created to unite the last of summer's bounty with the beginning of fall, and is ideal for body, bath, massage, rituals and to preserve the golden glow of summer into the darker months.

100 ml glass dropper bottle
Botanically infused Olive Oil (St.John's Wort), grapeseed oil, natural scent, essential oils, mica, love.
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