Limited Edition Yuletide Copper Candle

A beautiful natural soy candle with an enchanting, complex aroma that invokes the feel of fall, made with natural scents, not synthetic fragrances. This autumnal blend is reminiscent of spices, falling leaves, woodsmoke, apple and vanilla essential oils in a reusable hammered copper tumbler. Soy wax washes away in hot water after you've enjoyed your candle.

Copper is renowned to have many health benefits, from increased metabolism of minerals to collagen production, to immune boosting abilities, to weight management, to antioxidants and even cognitive functions.
To reap the rewards of copper, fill your cup with fresh water before bed and let it sit overnight- the benefits are believed to increase after the water has sat in a copper vessel for at least 8 hours. Drink the water upon waking.

Apx burn time 55 hours.
100% natural eco soy wax with pure essential oils in a lidded, hammered copper tumbler, apx 3.5" tall by 3" diameter.
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