Limited Edition Hilda Cauldron bath bomb

Inspired by the lovable Hilda Spellman with an aroma of herbal tea, almond cookies and an unexpected touch of wormwood, a nod to her fierce protective energy and knowledge of herbal lore. The cauldron fizzes and releases our nourishing
botanical blend, turning the water a cheerful purple-pink with candy butterflies and bio glitter floating about here and there.
Hidden inside is an amethyst gemstone, a powerful protector renowned to relieve stress and promote spiritual awareness.
100% natural aroma, non toxic, non staining colour. The adorable plastic cauldron can be re-used countless ways afterwards!
Packaged in a compostable plant based plastic bag with a handful of fragrant botanicals which can be used in the bath, as incense or for spellwork...
Max: 2