Love Is Magic Botanicals Box

Celebrate love with this collection of limited edition botanical potions for self care rituals, love spells and magick making. The aromatherapy blends created for these limited edition products are mostly centered around the rose, the quintessential flower of love, but in unconventional and unusual blends.

Included in the box:

Wild Rose anointing oil- A nourishing blend featuring wildcrafted rosehip oil, vitamin C and a light, juicy natural aromatherapy blend with notes of blood orange, rosewood, vanilla, sandalwood and precious ambergris. Ideal for body, bath, ritual and more. Each bottle has a rose quartz and smoky quartz point, to invoke love and remove negativity.

Winter Rose botanical bath bomb- Featuring a blend of rosewood, clary sage and a whisper of spearmint, this rose oil and clay packed bomb will feed the skin while the oils work their magic. Clay sage is renowned to balance the hormones while mint stimulates the senses.

Love is magic soy candle- a beautiful, reusable jar candle featuring spiced rose aromatherapy blend that features rose, rose du mai, cinnamon, clove and cardamom. The candle is black, the colour traditionally used in candle magic to remove blockages and obstacles.

My gothy valentine 10 free nail polish- A deep black burgundy with subtle iridescent undertones, this clean nail polish is perfect for a departure from the usual black! Comes in an adorable skull bottle.

Rose garden pink salt bath- A vial of a mineral rich salt blend and rose petals with an earthy spin on rose- featuring notes of black pepper, sandalwood and rosewood. For bath and altar.

Dark Magic lip balm-A new customer favourite, this natural lip balm will leave a light tint (the more you apply, the darker it gets) with a light iced berry flavour.

Wild Craft rose soap bar- A gentle bar featuring rosehip, pink clay and patchouli. The perfect bar for all skin types.

Stickers- Iridescent Love is Magick and matte The Lovers tarot stickers, made just for this box!

Love is Magick spell card- A collection of love spells on a beautiful, recycled paper postcard.

Extra goodies will be added to each box, such as rose petal vials, empty bottles for spellwork and more.
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