Limited Edition Black Moon Candle

A mysterious blend featuring notes of citrus, black pepper and vanilla.
A scent created to vibe with the energies of the new moon: A time for introspection, reflection and to harness renewed energy.
The dark grey eco soy wax will melt into an inky black pool as it burns, the colour used in candle magick to banish and protect and for scrying.
Embedded on the top is a smoky quartz point, revered to offer protection and banish negativity. Based on our much loved New Moon/Black Moon aromatherapy blend.
For best results, trim wick before each use and pour off a little wax as necessary. Soy wax washes clean so you can reuse the nice sized jar. Refills available for drop off pick up at Wild Craft Mercantile.
8 oz candle in glass jar with metal lid, scented with pure essential oils.
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