Potion Organic Cane Sugar Scrub - SALE!

Limited time release of this Fan Favourite!
This 100% Natural Organic cane sugar polishes and softens to reveal a healthy looking glow. Sugar exfoliates, stimulates and can help to break down and dissolve dead skin cells. Avocado, Carrot tissue oil and our botanical olive oil infusion are blended with added antioxidant rich botanicals to provide ridiculous amounts of nutrients that can renew and revitalize the skin; Leaving it silky and soft. Builds a gentle lather to wash clean away and leave the skin refreshed. The bewitching natural citrus vanilla aromatherapy blend will leave your skin smelling delicious.
Use daily in the shower or bath, rubbing into dry areas and to help dispel cellulite.
Use on the face and neck once or twice a week to deeply nourish, exfoliate and help remove impurities.

Key Elements:

Organic Cane Sugar: Ethically sourced cane sugar contains glycolic acid, a beneficial AHA that helps to break down the bond between dead surface skin cells, while gently buffing to reveal remarkably healthy looking skin.

Silk Proteins: Provides amino acids and lipids as well as renowned anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and natural SPF qualities. Silk has long been used in body care preparations to treat wounds, stimulate, nourish and enliven the skin. Silk has a low molecular weight, meaning it can absorb deep into the dermis to provide nourishment.

Green & White Tea, Kombucha, Dong Quai: Superfoods for the skin, added for their ability to provide antioxidants and deep nourishment.