Winter EARTH Natural Perfume

Elemental perfumes are a collection of botanical, gem infused alcohol based perfumes, made in the traditional method. There is a release for each season, embodying the characteristics of each in scent, feel and vibration.

Winter / North / Transformation / Suit of Pentacles / Connection / Midnight / Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn / Evergreen Resin / Woodfire/ Crushed Vanilla / Jade

100% natural perfume, made according to traditional methods of extraction, blending and curing. Pure essential oils and wild crafted, hand made absolutes featuring lodgepole pine and burnt cedarwood are heightened by the energetic presence of the gemstone jade, having been lovingly infused into the blend during the curing process.

This blend personifies the reflective, inward, transformative energy of winter. A breath of fresh evergreen encircled in smoky woodfire with a heart of crushed vanilla bean and a hint of espresso. The feeling of comfort and joy. This perfume will respond to your body chemistry and become uniquely your own.
Jade is known as the dream stone, helping to gain insight into a deeper understanding by promoting inner calm, contemplation and wisdom. It is a stone of stability and peace. Jade balances the heart chakra, supporting and unifying emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

Winter is the fourth in this line; Each limited edition released at the onset of it's season.
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15 ml glass roller bottle.

E A R T H // W I N T E R
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