Dreaming Perfume

A dreamy blend featuring notes of soothing lavender, chamomile and jasmine in a bed of earthy dragon's blood, myrrh and vanilla and spiked with wormwood to invite astral connections and magnesium to encourage a good sleep.
Infused with smoky quartz, to help banish unwanted thoughts and help clear the way for dreamwork and rest.

This perfume was created to be used as part of your bedtime ritual, to help induce restful sleep. It's energetic intentions are to help fuse connections to higher realms and connection to the universal energies.

15 ml roller bottle containing all natural ingredients, featuring hand made absolutes and wild harvested botanical sources. The bottle contains a small smoky quartz point that can be retrieved after the perfume is done, lavender flowers lovingly grown in our own garden, dissolved magnesium and a hint of silver sparkle.

Hand made with love.
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