Limited Edition Cauldron Candle

These beautiful, special edition candles were created for your winter magick making- a time to retreat and journey inward, to work with the energy of death and rebirth, honouring the cyclical nature of all that is.
Winter is a time to conjure our shadows forth, to embrace all aspects of ourselves and burn away what no longer serves, a time to contemplate the turning of the wheel of the year and celebrate the gifts that we have received while looking ahead to the inevitable spring.
Featuring an enchanting pure aromatherapy blend of lavender, mugwort, palo santo and cedar leaf and adorned with three smoky quartz points to banish negativity, cedar and lavender lovingly collected from our mountainside.
The hand made pottery cauldron is glazed a beautiful inky black and can be filled/reused endlessly. Each one is unique and varies slightly.
Very limited edition, quantities are limited, maximum one per order.
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