MERWITCH perfume collab with Band of Weirdos

A strangely irresistible blend of juicy citrus, creamy vanilla and sweet coconut wrapped in seaweed with a whisper of coffee and smoke. The perfect scent for salty witches and weirdos alike.
Created for and featuring original art from Band Of Weirdos, the first of our perfume collaboration line!

Made in small batches with natural essences, handmade extracts and love.
Natural perfumes work with your body's chemistry to become uniquely your own and will mature and develop over time.
Essential oils are awesome but can be strong, we recommend spritzing the air a few times and stepping into the aroma or patch testing before applying liberally.

Contains alcohol based natural perfume in a 30 ml atomizer bottle.

This is a natural perfume and can vary in colour. Batches may vary slightly from the first as perfumes improve and develop with age. Sediment may form on the bottom of the bottle, gently shake before using if this occurs.


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