Limited Edition White Witch Bath Bomb

Inspired by the White Witch of the Narnia Chronicles, this botanical bath bomb is blended with finely shaved cocoa butter, botanically infused olive oil and arnica oil to take the bite out of the winter’s ravaging effects to the skin. Topped with a touch of shimmering mica, this invigorating bomb leaves your skin supple and glowing.

A stimulating blend of pure spearmint, vanilla, ginger and a hint of turkish delight deliciously help to detoxify and renew, stimulating circulation and leaving the skin nourished.
Ideal after a long day in the snow or over-exertion. Follow up with our limited edition White Witch Body Butter for a deeply magical experience!

100% natural ingredients:

Baking soda, citric acid, cocoa butter, botanically infused olive oil, arnica oil, essential oils, kaolin clay, witch hazel, mica, love.
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