LUNA Perfume collab with Ludlow Luna

An enchanting natural perfume featuring notes of night blooming flowers, palo santo incense, graveyard dirt and dark forest. The perfect scent for magic makers, delicate flowers and wicked witches alike.
Scent story: A circle of magic makers make an offering of flowers on an altar of earth, as palo santo incense smoke curls, full moonlight beams down and October leaves from gnarly trees swirl in the cool, crisp winds.
Made for and adorned with original artwork by Ludlow Luna,

Made in small batches with natural essences, handmade extracts and love.
Natural perfumes work with your body's chemistry to become uniquely your own and will mature and develop over time.
Essential oils are awesome but can be strong, we recommend spritzing the air a few times and stepping into the aroma or patch testing before applying liberally.

Contains alcohol based natural perfume in a 30 ml atomizer bottle.

This is a natural perfume and can vary in colour. Sediment may form on the bottom of the bottle, gently shake before using if this occurs.